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The Art of Singletasking

Computers and humans have a lot  in common. They not only have to be  slim and good-looking, they also have to be multitaskers. If you are human and want to apply for a job, don´t forget to mention that you…

April 3, 2011, by


Top Five Historical April Fools’ Jokes

It’s that time of the year again! While Google, Hulu, Youtube and others are playing virtual pranks on their users, let’s pause for a moment and look back into the marvelous history of April Fools’ pranks. Here is my unordered…

April 1, 2011, by


Online Education for Children via Skype

When I started teaching online, I was sceptical. I had been working many years in classrooms with blackboards, carrying books and scrawling remarks with red ink into the margins of exercise sheets. How could all that be possibly replaced by…

February 25, 2011, by


Leadership, Business, and Animal Spirits

The Spiritual Core As readers of this blog may be aware, I am a person who has thoroughly read and studied Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. I even wrote a book explaining the terse passages at some length, with…

December 31, 2010, by


The Internet is not a Mass Medium. Or is it?

The term “mass medium” was coined in the early 20th century and referred to magazines, newspapers, radio & television broadcasts. I remember the times when watching an MTV music video on color television fried every teenager’s excitement-circuits, slouched in front…

November 28, 2010, by


Eat when Tired, Sleep when Hungry

Do you sometimes do things which aren’t on point? Do you sometimes do the opposite of what you feel you should? Do you sometimes wonder why it seems you want to do one thing and yet you do another? Don’t…

October 7, 2010, by


Minimalism: Spiritual Materialism in Disguise or: The New Religion of “Living with 100 things”

When I first heard the word Minimalist it was in context of Techno music. Also I’ve seen it as pertaining to interior design. But did you know that Minimalism is also a full-fledged lifestyle movement? So what do Minimalists do?…

August 21, 2010, by


Instruction is a River Into the Mind

In Japanese, the kanji (Chinese character, the hieroglyph-ish stuff) for “instruction” combines two components. The first component is “words”: that which pours out of a mouth. This is the component, or “radical,” on the left. The second component is the…

May 29, 2010, by