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New: Dino lernt Deutsch Episode 11: “Lockdown in Liechtenstein”

The wait is finally over! Dino is back, and although his world has gotten a lot smaller, he still finds himself at the center of much mischief. Get volume 11 on: 📙Amazon 🍏Apple Books 🔽EPUB/PDF 📕Kobo 📘Barnes & Noble This book comes integrated with flashcards (Quizlet & Anki) across all platforms and retailers (check at…


Battling Corona With Culture: Berlin Philharmonics & Viennese Opera Giving Away Free Access to Livestreams

Ever wanted to visit the Berlin Philharmonic but never found the time or money? Well, now they’re coming to you, free of charge. Due to cancellations of physical events because of the coronavirus, they are now giving away free access to their Digital Concert Hall where you can watch live streams and recordings of concerts….


NEW: Digital in Dresden Audiobook

UPDATE:  This title is now also on Audible. The latest audiobook in the Dino lernt Deutsch series (episode 9) is finally here! After wrangling with soundwaves for a few weeks the audiobook is now complete and slowly rolling out to audio venues far and wide. While I’m still waiting for it to make an appearance…


NEW: Dino lernt Deutsch Episode 10: Schlamassel in Stuttgart

In case you missed it on the newsletter, there’s a brand new Dino lernt Deutsch episode! That’s right, episode 10 is out now and this time Dino is going to Stuttgart, Germany’s 6th largest city, capital of Baden-Württemberg and home to Mercedes-Benz. Ready for your next German learning adventure? In this sequel to Digital in…


Introducing: The Bookshop Redesign

It’s the year 2018. We still don’t have flying cars, but Wikipedia lists more than 30 different ebook file formats. As much as I love to read (and create) ebooks, there are so many different competing formats and platforms out there that it can sometimes get a bit confusing. What’s the difference between PDF and ebook formats?…


Dino Does Dresden! A Learn German With Stories New-Release (Ebook & Paperback)

I know many of you have been waiting for this, so first things first: the 9th book in the Dino lernt Deutsch series is out now and you can get it on Kindle, as a Paperback or directly from our website. The Story Behind These Stories Over the last 15 years of teaching German, French, English and Spanish to…


Introducing The Learn German With Stories Super-Bundle Set (PDF, ePUB, MOBI, MP3 + Flashcards)

If you’re following the newsletter you might have heard that now finally all 8 episodes of our Learn German With Stories series Dino lernt Deutsch are available as audiobook editions. In other words, you can now read every episode from Café in Berlin to Zurück in Zürich as a paperback, PDF, ePub, iBooks, Kindle, etc. edition and listen to it…


Compact Discs From The Cloud: A Story Of Lasers and Ink

Once Upon a Time … It’s now almost 20 years ago since my friend Nico (aka Thunder) and I released our first music album of painstakingly programmed beats and harmonies. It was a time when computers were still bulky beige boxes and the chirpy sounds they emitted were a far cry from the high definition audio of modern…


Free Online Teaching Directory: Tutors Shouldn’t Pay For Listings

When I announced two months ago that we opened a directory for online tutors the response from teachers and tutors was very positive. Up to now many people have registered their online teaching websites and receive traffic from us every day. When I told some friends and family about our online teaching directory where anyone can…


5 Reasons Why Books Aren’t Dying Out

Back in the days when I had to take several trains and buses just to get to my workplace, commuters leaning against subway doors with crumpled paper-back novels were a common sight. When I see people sitting in bus stations nowadays, they are mostly staring into their gadgets. The crumpled paperback novel is being replaced…


Building a Personal Brand: Social Shouldn’t Mean Shameless

Online classes and social networking seem to go hand in hand. Class discussion forums, when written well, are a lot like blog posts. Sites like OnCourse, when designed well, mimic a lot of the functionality of Facebook, with user profiles and smooth integration between chat and messaging. Engaging class discussions can continue smoothly via Twitter,…