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German Language as a Path to Understanding the Mind

Those seeking to gain knowledge about the human mind and spirituality, might think of learning an extra language like ancient Greek, or Sanskrit. Here we will present the view that they should also consider learning German. The German language can be…

January 21, 2021, by


7 Literary Classics In Simplified German

How do you make the leap from studying German textbooks, flipping flashcards and poring over worksheets to reading (and enjoying) classic literature? Even native speakers who make their first acquaintance with the classics in high school often find themselves bewildered…

October 26, 2020, by


“Technology has allowed me to tutor anyone in the world at any time of the day”

I am the founder and creator of Cricket Tutor. Cricket Tutor is a tutoring service catering to the needs of teachers that have decided not to teach in a traditional classroom setting due to Covid-19.The tutors help students navigate their virtual ...

October 19, 2020, by

Language Learning

Learning German with Stories: The Short & Funny Tales Of The SchildbĂĽrger

Let’s escape 2020 for a bit, shall we? Let’s travel back in time to the Middle Ages, to the fabulous city of Schilda somewhere in the middle of Germany. Its inhabitants were called “SchildbĂĽrger”, i.e. the citizens of Schilda. They…

October 12, 2020, by


The German Prefix “be-” Explained

Once you’ve started learning a few German verbs, you’ll notice that there are a number of awkwardly similar verbs which have a slightly similar yet sufficiently different meaning. I’m talking about those pesky German verb prefixes which sometimes are just…

September 14, 2020, by


“I Can’t Get No …”: N-Declension In German

Welcome back to another instalment of our German grammar series in which I answer some of the questions that have popped up on the newsletter. Today’s question is by Douglas: My question: why do some German nouns add a final…

August 26, 2020, by


New: Dino lernt Deutsch Episode 11: “Lockdown in Liechtenstein”

The wait is finally over! Dino is back, and although his world has gotten a lot smaller, he still finds himself at the center of much mischief. Get volume 11 on: 📙Amazon 🍏Apple Books 🔽EPUB/PDF 📕Kobo 📘Barnes & Noble This…

August 21, 2020, by


Demonstrate This! – Demonstrative Pronouns in German – A Brief Overview

This is another instalment in my grammar series where I try to answer some of the questions posed by readers of my newsletter and (hopefully) shed some light on certain bewildering grammar topics, always with a practical focus on how…

July 30, 2020, by

Language Learning

Learning Languages With Netflix Has Just Become So Much Easier

Many language learners are watching movies to improve their listening comprehension and pick up new words. Some like to just immerse themselves in the foreign language with foreign subtitles, others watch it with foreign audio and subtitles in their native…

July 8, 2020, by


“It doesn’t matter how good our product is if nobody knows about it.”

I’ve been involved in language teaching for many years. I’ve taught English as a Second or Foreign Language in the UK, Bulgaria, Canada, and Spain. More recently I taught in the teacher education program at the University of Toronto, in Canada. Almost ...

July 7, 2020, by

Online Teaching

When Learning Online Is The New Normal

When I quit my teaching job more than ten years ago to strike out on my own as an online language teacher, I was met with stares of consternation. Old acquaintances warned me of the perils of pennilessness and urged…

April 29, 2020, by


“We Had To Quickly Learn How To Go Digital”

Open Minds is an English school that had to quickly learn how to go digital. We were an extremely analogical English school in Milan, to the point of not having a location but organizing 1:1 courses for children in their homes.Covid-19 ...

April 25, 2020, by