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How Ebooks & The Net Bring Us Back To The Middle Ages, In a Good Way

Recently, I’ve been reading the Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of Typographic Man, that (in)famous work of Marshall McLuhan, and it struck me that many of his insights relating to print media and reading culture can be applied to what is…

April 23, 2012, by


5 Simple Facts You Can Learn From A Computer Crash

Last week every user’s worst nightmare paid me a visit: the full fledged system crash. While I documented the death, resurrection and salvaging on Twitter, here are some conclusions from the whole episode. (As usual, what happened is rather inconclusive:…

February 5, 2012, by

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SEO How To: Search Engine Optimization: 5 Simple Tips For Beginners

When I first heard the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) I had very mixed feelings. Optimizing my site so it shows up better when people search for it? Sure. But so much of what I read online seemed so, well…esoteric….

January 6, 2012, by


Of Networked Societies And Broken Links

Today I want to share a little film with you by Ericsson that discusses the future (present?) reality of a networked society and interviews co-founders of Flickr, Soundcloud, the chief editor of Wired UK, and more. Despite the overused melody at…

November 8, 2011, by


Envisioning Technology For 2012 And Beyond

Every baby born today (Monday, 30th of October)  is part of  the 500,000 that will push the human population over the 7 billion mark, according to U.N. data. And within only 28 years it’s getting even more crowded: predictions speak…

October 31, 2011, by


No Outlets Necessary: Mobile Teaching

Like much else in the 21st Century, learning has taken to the Internet. For both teachers and students, education is becoming much more technologically focused. And, even more prominent: the mobile revolution. Not only are we doing everything on the…

October 5, 2011, by


3 Reasons Why Technology Won’t Transform Public Education

It was in the early 60ies that a University first experimented with using computers to teach kids maths, according to Wikipedia. That was 50 years ago. That’s half a century! If technology could really revolutionize education it has had plenty…

September 21, 2011, by


3 Things Children Would Like To See In The Future Of The Net And Technology

In 2010, Latitude asked children from all over the world aged 12 and below about their hopes, wishes and expectations about the Internet and technology in general. The results are surprising, not just because the kids were asked to draw…

August 13, 2011, by

Online Teaching

Online Learning Tools: Between Distractions And Opportunities

The Internet is a fountain of information, connections and distractions. Don’t want to write that paper? No problem. Hop on Twitter. Don’t want to clean the bathroom? Don’t worry about it. There are 16 Facebook notifications waiting to eat up…

August 10, 2011, by


Logging in to Log Off: Non-Mediated Nostalgia and the Point of No Return

As regular readers know, much of my writing circles around the awesomeness of being connected, like being able to work from anywhere and get access to all kinds of cool people and information – and the looming recognition- that being…

April 29, 2011, by


Why One Reality Isn’t Enough Anymore

In the movie Inception, the character Mal says to her husband:“Admit it: you don’t believe in one reality anymore.” But, of course, it’s not really her, it’s only the projection of her, deep in a dream within a dream, within…

April 3, 2011, by


Does the Internet turn us into Naysayers?

You’ve seen it before: Someone posts an angry (political) rant and it spreads like wildfire through Social Networks, the nervous system of the global wired community, flanked by equally angry comments, bursts of “righteous indignation” and lots of exclamation marks….

March 31, 2011, by