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How To Improve Your Social Media Game If You Teach Online

Imagine a brand new suitcase with a broken handle. You can’t throw it away because it’s new, but can you use it? There’s a saying in Russian about “a suitcase without a handle — heavy to carry, but hard to…

September 21, 2017, by

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Is It Better To Work With Your Own Students, Work For A School Or Build A Profile On A Tutor Site?

When I started my business, I thought I’d be working for language schools. I did work for one briefly, but once I started learning about the world of online teaching, it’s not the road I decided to take. Now, five…

March 30, 2017, by

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Build A Solid Foundation Before You Dive Into Online Teaching

Many people dream of switching their work online. While the benefits are definitely worth it (flexibility, no nagging boss or endless and pointless meetings, unlimited earning potential – among many things), a lot of people doubt whether or not they’ll…

March 21, 2016, by


Jennifer Nascimento: “Forget those boring textbooks!”

The following interview is part of an interview series in which we feature education professionals from a variety of different fields in order to highlight individual efforts and creative solutions to education in the 21st century. If you want to participate simply…

December 6, 2015, by

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Online Teachers: What are You Selling?

For Nike, it’s not just the shoe’s features that sell the shoe. (Source) Sales. That word you hated the moment your girlfriend began selling Avon, and you suddenly ran out of things to talk about unless you talked about cosmetics…

December 3, 2015, by

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A Quick Guide to Blogging For Online Teachers: Reasons, Formats & More

“But why do I need to buy a new computer?” my 60 year-old dad asks. “Well, dad, your computer is 15 years old and, well, that means it’s really old.” “Can’t I just buy a computer once and not have to replace…

October 29, 2015, by

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Working from Home IS All Beer and Skittles!

Evolution is in all fields, including translation Being a teacher, translator or creative writer in a language that you enjoy using on a daily basis has a wide range of advantages of all kinds. Some of them are related to…

February 21, 2015, by

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What Ambitious Parents Can Teach You About Freelancing

When I first started with Fluent Language Tuition, I had no idea where the whole experiment was going to go. I was so hesitant to consider this a real business that I tried to hide my name from the website,…

October 3, 2014, by

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Streamline Your Podcasting Workflow With Auphonic Audio Post Processing

Podcasting can be a great way to get in touch with your audience in a different way. Whether you’re an independent teacher offering weekly study tips or an indie publisher sharing tools and strategies, podcasts make it easier to communicate…

January 22, 2014, by

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3 Free Search Ranking Trackers

What’s the most often neglected factor that can bring small businesses and freelancers the biggest impact in terms of online marketing for the smallest budget? It’s not Social Media, Google Adwords or any other paid advertising scheme. No, it’s SEO (search…

January 9, 2014, by

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How to Advertise as an Independent Tutor

After LearnOutLive’s recent article on the pitfalls of being an online teacher highlighted just a small part of the challenges faced by teachers who choose to go for unconventional methods, I started thinking about independent teaching. Being a tutor, a teacher and…

October 29, 2013, by

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3 Reasons Why Online Teachers Fail

Online teaching is still a mystery to many people. How does it work? What are the requirements? Does it pay the bills? Where to start? There are many websites that promise online teachers a quick and effortless start. I’ve found,…

October 11, 2013, by