Good news everyone! There’s a new TalkingBook edition for Walzer in Wien, episode 7 of the Dino lernt Deutsch series, with completely remastered audio narration.

As usual I’ve also added this TalkingBook to the Walzer in Wien ebook and audio bundle, and the Dino Complete Series Bundle, so if you purchased either of these bundles from our store in the past you get automatic access.

What Is A TalkingBook?

Learning a language is a process with many moving parts. There’s speaking practice, reading practice, writing practice, grammar practice, etc.

Studies have shown that learners progress best when combining multiple modalities.

TalkingBooks are my humble invitation to combine reading and listening practice, so that you can immediately see what you’re hearing and vice versa.

You can either lean back, listen to the audio and watch the text being highlighted for you, or hone in on specific phrases for pronunciation practice, etc.

If you’ve never tried this simple but powerful approach to language learning before, I’ve set up a little demo that finally allows anyone interested to see it in action without having to register or download anything:

Try me!

This demo should be compatible with most devices and modern web-browsers and is based on a downsized version of our CloudReader web-app that comes with each TalkingBook. A mini-tutorial is provided to help you get started.