Dino lernt Deutsch episode 12 Sturm auf Sylt is finally here! 🥳

It’s currently available on Amazon (as Paperback or Kindle edition), Apple Books or directly from our store as a digital download:

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As always, the book comes with custom English-German vocabularies for each chapter, quick comprehension quizzes, original illustrations and free flashcards (Anki & Quizlet).

Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository and other editions will follow soon. Also an audiobook and a new collector’s edition are in the works.

Dino Does The Island

In this sequel to Lockdown in Liechtenstein, Dino joins a motley crew of travelers on a meme-fueled pilgrimage to the northernmost German Island of Sylt.

Disillusioned by a post-pandemic world and growing financial woes, punks, nerds and slackers from all over the republic have banded together to crash the favorite holiday spot of the super rich and famous.

When Dino and his new-found friends cross paths with a local entrepreneur they are plunged headlong into a world of pecuniary promises, but all that glitters is not gold.