UPDATE:  This title is now also on Audible.

The latest audiobook in the Dino lernt Deutsch series (episode 9) is finally here! After wrangling with soundwaves for a few weeks the audiobook is now complete and slowly rolling out to audio venues far and wide.

While I’m still waiting for it to make an appearance on Audible (yes, they are notoriously slow), it’s already available via Apple Books, Google Play, on CD (shiny!) and of course as a direct MP3 download from your favorite German learning story provider.

At 90+ minutes this is one of the longest stories in the series so far and I’ve made some improvements to my production workflow so you didn’t have to wait half an eternity again until I finally released the goods.

So without further ado … here’s Digital an Dresden for your ears! Join Dino on a strange adventure set in the “Florence on the Elbe”, boost your vocabulary and learn German effortlessly along the way.

Who needs textbooks anyway?

Google PlayStoredigital in dresden audiobook

To get the most out of this audiobook I highly recommend going through the vocabulary and comprehension questions contained in the ebook and paperback edition.