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Leadership, Business, and Animal Spirits

The Spiritual Core As readers of this blog may be aware, I am a person who has thoroughly read and studied Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. I even wrote a book explaining the terse passages at some length, with…

December 31, 2010, by

Learning English

BP Oil Spill: A Disaster of Leadership and Strategy

A Failure In Leadership This article is based on a historically important article in the New York Times on the BP oil disaster. I will be referencing this article. Point of Failure #1 The article, which is important and should…

December 26, 2010, by

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On Friendship, Benevolence… And Strategy

A More Modern Version Instead of quoting Sun Tzu or Nietzsche, let me start with a version actually coined by my own father, one Eric Bourque: You should make your friends not want to be your enemies, and you should…

October 25, 2010, by


Sun Tzu Didn’t Invent “Know Yourself, Know Your Enemy”

Sun Tzu Was Quoting A Proverb When Sun Tzu wrote (paraphrasing) “know yourself, know your enemy, and you shall win a hundred battles without loss,” he preambled it by putting that it was widely said that… etc etc. In other…

October 23, 2010, by


Humanity Is Its Own Truth

What, then, is the constant? I have pondered this question. I believe I have an answer I am comfortable with.

May 13, 2010, by


Sun Tzu: Ancient Wisdom, Relevant Today

Sun Tzu was a general in ancient China, known almost exclusively for writing the book known in the English language as “Sun Tzu’s The Art of War.” This book has been exhaustively studied by great generals of Chinese, Japanese, and…

April 3, 2010, by