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How To Create Custom Shortlinks With

Shortlinks have been with us for a number of years now. Whether it’s, tinyurl, or another service, URL shortening has risen in popularity together with Twitter, where every character counts and the only good link is a short link….

December 4, 2013, by

Social Media

A Brief History of Peer-To-Peer Networks

If there’s anything that turned the three words “peer to peer” from an obscure and abstract concept to a game-changing technology for both music fans all over the world and lawyers in air-conditioned offices then it was Napster. How We…

July 5, 2011, by

Social Media

Why You Shouldn’t Base Your Business or Your Online Experience on Facebook Only

The Internet is a big place. Sometimes it feels so big that we get tired of exploring, ploughing through endless fields of data, looking for fertile ground to build our businesses and grow personal relationships. Which makes us look for…

June 7, 2011, by

Online Business

The Rise and Fall of the Product Mindset: From Assembly Lines to the Service Age

In this article I want to share with you an idea that has been occupying me for a few days. Obviously, there’s much more to be said about this than can fit into one article. So we’ll have to do…

February 12, 2011, by


“Try and make some friends online!”

Momen is a 16 old blogger from Saudi Arabia, learning and teaching languages online. Recently he built his own online business offering Arabic Language tutoring on On his blog he encourages us to pick up a good book and advocates reading ...

May 29, 2010, by


“Rescue the Princess”: The Psychology and Neuroscience of Social Media in the Generation Gap of Digital Natives & Immigrants

Working with students and teachers from all over the world in different timezones, I have recently stumbled upon the fact, that our sleeping patterns as “digital natives” might severely differ from those of earlier generations; Not only state, but also…

January 31, 2010, by