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6 Common Greek Idiomatic Phrases Or Expressions

Daily, Greeks use idiomatic phrases or expressions and you may be surprised when you hear them for the first time. If you literally translate them they do not make much sense! Weird, right? Now, you are thinking… if they don’t…

February 28, 2019, by


5 Ways To Learn German For Free

Are you looking for a way to learn German for free? There are as many ways to learn German as there are individuals. Every day new sites are popping up that promise to help you learn German for free and…

September 24, 2013, by


Online Learning as a Coping Strategy In Times Of Conflict

We usually tend to think of learning as a means to an end, i.e. learning medicine to become a doctor, etc. But in some areas of the world, learning has a very different function in addition to that. One of…

November 20, 2012, by

Language Learning

The Digital Age of Education

As a technology consultant, I rely on several tech sources to stay informed about global industry trends. Naturally, I’m not the only one to notice how efficient, green and just plain fun tech has made education. With all the advances in instructional…

May 23, 2012, by

Language Learning

Online Learning: The Future Has Arrived

You already have some idea of how valuable the Internet is for learning new languages. The latest technologies like Skype allow you to master a language from a native speaker instead of reading a lesson and listening to the accompanying…

February 9, 2012, by

Online Teaching

5 Quick Ways To Find Students For Your Online Tutoring Business

When I started teaching online, I signed up on a few  marketplace platforms that promised to connect tutors and students. Like many other tutors, I soon found out that simply being listed was not enough. It was not even close…

October 17, 2011, by

Online Teaching

The Quest For The Perfect Whiteboard

Allegedly, the blackboard or chalkboard was invented by the Scotsman James Pillans (1778–1864) who according to his book Physical and Classical Geography (1854) taught Geography with it in Edinburgh. Since 1801 George Baron is supposed to have used a blackboard in his maths…

September 26, 2011, by


3 Reasons Why Technology Won’t Transform Public Education

It was in the early 60ies that a University first experimented with using computers to teach kids maths, according to Wikipedia. That was 50 years ago. That’s half a century! If technology could really revolutionize education it has had plenty…

September 21, 2011, by

Online Teaching

Online Teaching & Learning Tools: What You Need to Succeed

The world of online learning opens doors in the academic world to make higher education more convenient and accessible. I know what you’re thinking: Tell me something I don’t know. Succeeding as an online student requires focus, dedication and strategy….

September 1, 2011, by

Online Teaching

Online (Cooking) Classes for The Masses? Here Comes The Google+ Cooking School

One of the most basic TV-formats that has been with us since the beginning and shows no signs of extinction is the televised cooking show. The first one in history aired in 1946, was hosted by James Beard but even…

August 11, 2011, by

Online Teaching

Why Schools Shouldn’t Be The Only Answer To The Need For Social Skills

There are many arguments for online communication. There’s no need to advertise it. From email through chatting to VoIP like Skype: We all do it. But there are growing concerns that these activities are increasingly unsocial: That chatting is a cheap substitute…

August 1, 2011, by

Online Teaching

How Private Teachers And Tutors Are Silently Transforming Today’s Education

For a long time in history, education was a meaningful privilege reserved for the wealthy. The idea of free public education for everyone is comparatively young. It used to be a revolutionary idea. But now it’s lagging behind, staggering, stumbling…

July 30, 2011, by