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6 Common Greek Idiomatic Phrases Or Expressions

Daily, Greeks use idiomatic phrases or expressions and you may be surprised when you hear them for the first time. If you literally translate them they do not make much sense! Weird, right? Now, you are thinking… if they don’t…

February 28, 2019, by


5 Ways To Learn German For Free

Are you looking for a way to learn German for free? There are as many ways to learn German as there are individuals. Every day new sites are popping up that promise to help you learn German for free and…

September 24, 2013, by

Online Teaching

5 Quick Ways To Find Students For Your Online Tutoring Business

When I started teaching online, I signed up on a few  marketplace platforms that promised to connect tutors and students. Like many other tutors, I soon found out that simply being listed was not enough. It was not even close…

October 17, 2011, by

Online Teaching

The Quest For The Perfect Whiteboard

Allegedly, the blackboard or chalkboard was invented by the Scotsman James Pillans (1778–1864) who according to his book Physical and Classical Geography (1854) taught Geography with it in Edinburgh. Since 1801 George Baron is supposed to have used a blackboard in his maths…

September 26, 2011, by

Online Teaching

3 Reasons Why Guerrilla Education Is The Way Of The Future

Let’s start with some nice and crunchy numbers: From 2009 to 2010 we saw a growth of one million students in online education in the US according to the Sloan Consortium Report. It is the biggest growth measured so far…

June 17, 2011, by

Online Teaching

The Top 3 Myths About Online Teaching

1. Online Teaching is impersonal In 2010 I wrote: “One of the most common responses I get when I tell people what I do (teaching & coaching online), is that they say they would miss the “real connection” to people around…

June 4, 2011, by

Online Business

How to Become an Online Teacher Without Selling Your Soul

This is what I asked myself one and a half years ago. I had this deep gut-feeling that it must be possible. The first thing I did was research. Google presented me with a selection of socalled online teaching platforms, websites,…

March 21, 2011, by


Online Education for Children via Skype

When I started teaching online, I was sceptical. I had been working many years in classrooms with blackboards, carrying books and scrawling remarks with red ink into the margins of exercise sheets. How could all that be possibly replaced by…

February 25, 2011, by