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Introduction to Regular Expressions For Indie Publishers (Open Office)

One of the perks of being an indie publisher is that you can do everything your way, from manuscript formatting to cover design and marketing approach. But it’s also one of the downsides of being an indie publisher. Perhaps you…

October 23, 2013, by

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Unboxing Our First Collaboratively Published Storybook for English Learners

Since I don’t live in one of the “Amazon countries” at the moment, whenever I order books  (including my own) there are two choices. I can either order directly from Amazon, pay a shipping price which is double the cost…

August 26, 2013, by

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Should You Convert Your Ebook Yourself, Or Hire A Professional?

In a recent blog post on Teleread, Juli Monroe mentioned an email (probably unsolicited) that advertised ebook-conversion services for “only $400”. The author called the price offer “ludicrous”, arguing that softwares such as Calibre and Scrivener enable authors to do…

August 15, 2013, by

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10 People, 5 Continents: One Book

When I first quit my day-job three years ago to work full-time on the Internet, there was a sense of being on my own.  I did know a few people from online teaching platforms which were encouraging communal activity on…

July 25, 2013, by

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Who Wants To Write A Book With Us?

There’s something magical about making books. Thanks to the advent of independent or self-publishing, the process has become a lot easier and more accessible. About one month ago I thought about how to share this exciting experience with more people….

July 2, 2013, by

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Why Making Books Is Like Baking Cookies

Making books is fun. In fact, it’s rather addictive. Once you get started, it’s hard to stop. The process of bookmaking has long been in the hands of a small intellectual elite, heavily guarded by cultural gatekeepers. The internet has…

June 14, 2013, by

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3 Writing Tools You Aren’t Using Yet

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the course of the last 15 years of writing, then it’s probably the fact that writing is a craft like any other. Listening to one’s “muse” and getting inspired is all great, but ultimately,…

June 4, 2013, by

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TV-Series: Where The Greatest Stories Of Our Times Are Being Told

Whether it’s award-winning series like Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad or Downton Abbey — TV-series are thriving in the Internet age. Their stories and characters occupy people from all over the world, feeding back into discussions on blog…

May 27, 2013, by


Are Typos The “Bugs” Of Written Language?

In the age of instant publishing we have cut out the middleman. Publishing houses are routinely avoided and replaced with the process of self-publishing. Agents and editors are left standing aside, and while quick earnings of self published authors caused…

May 21, 2013, by

Indie Publishing

The Digital Revolution Kills Jobs Faster Than It Creates New Ones

There are two kinds of people: those who complain about disruption and those who celebrate it. The former are the dying indie bookstores, music labels, film industry, little publishing houses unhappy with Amazon’s ToS — the latter are the start-up generation,…

May 14, 2013, by

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Of Swords & Dungeons: An Interactive Gamebook For German Learners

After writing three detective stories for German learners in 2012 and seeing people embrace the format, I wanted to do something different and yet very similar in 2013. So, I decided to create an interactive fantasy ebook for German learners…

April 15, 2013, by

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How The Ebook Limits Innovation

Everybody knows what a book is: a stack of printed paper, held together by glue, staples, etc. If we talk about the ebook, however, it’s not that clear. What is an ebook? Is a huge Word document or PDF an…

April 7, 2013, by