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Happy Hanukkah To All Our Readers!

Today is the first day of Hanukkah and we wish you a hearty Chag Sameach (Happy Holiday). Since Hanukkah is not just the Festival of Lights but also a season of miracles, we will shake a few surprises out of our sleeves…

December 8, 2012, by


Bible Stories As Blueprints Of The Soul (free download)

When I was a child, growing up in Israel and sharing the room with my sister, my mother used to read bible stories to us, every night before we fell asleep. She used to sit on one of the beds,…

October 28, 2012, by


People are absolutely fascinating

Reut  Mark has a family & friends all over Israel & the world, and she loves seeing them often. She also loves visiting new places and networking. To be able to do all these she is working from home in…

June 9, 2010, by


Balance & Relaxation in the Age of Connection

Michal Moreno is the chief editor of – Israel’s first and leading reprint article directory, and owner and manager at Moreno’s – Israel SEM boutique company. She is a mother of four and lives near Jerusalem together with her…

June 8, 2010, by


Looking for Justice – A Parable

They speak about someone who lost his way. And as the evening approaches he reaches a great cave. He enters the cave and the cave is filled with candles. He turns around, squints his eyes and aks, surprised by the…

April 24, 2010, by


A wink from the future…

“The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed” – William Gibson Few days after the volcano explosion in Iceland, followed by closing part of  the European air space for flights, we can pull back and see that nothing…

April 20, 2010, by


A Brief History of Global Awareness

As human beings sustaining an online lifestyle we spend  much time taking actions towards global awareness.  You can happily ask why? And to this I answer that sustaining an online lifestyle generates a more inclusive consciousness which influences our relation…

April 11, 2010, by


Mystic Tales from the Zohar Naso

Introduction to Idra Raba (The Great Chamber) Rabbi Shimon and his nine friends were sitting silently in The Great Chamber but their hearts were afire in the threshing field of revelations. Thus Rabbi Shimon opened and said: “A gossip walker…

March 31, 2010, by


Mystic Tales from the Zohar Mishpatim

Hasaba (the Grandfather) – Part I Rabi Hiya and Rabi Yossi met one night in the tower of  Zor. They sat together around a table and were delighting in each other’s presence. Rabi Yossi said, “I am so happy that…

March 27, 2010, by


Free Netbooks for every teacher

Free Netbooks to Every Teacher, is a special program to empower teachers in Israel to unleash the power of mobile knowledge. Athena Funds and the Israeli Teachers organization are currently distributing netbooks to teachers in elementary schools and giving guided…

January 25, 2010, by