Usually I try not to bombard this blog with too many updates, but sometimes the carefully controlled bursts of blogging give way to waves of new stuff. So before we continue with our usual schedule, here are two things I’d like to let you know, before everything gets washed away in a flood of forgetfulness (on my part):

1. Release Of New Short Story (free download) [expired]

I’ve been working for a few weeks on a new short story in the suspense genre, testing the waters of the short fiction market, and experimenting with collaborative approaches to editing, i.e. sending the story to all kinds of friends and contacts and weaving their comments, feedback, suggestions, etc. into the narrative.

To cut a long story short, the final short story is at long last (*okay, I’ll cut it out…) finally published, and to kick things off it’s available as a free download for the next few hours! To get it now, click here or on your corresponding country code below:

Amazon US | UK | DE | FR | ES | IT

2. My CreateSpace Experiment #2

Maybe you remember my first experiment in which I turned an ebook into a paperbook. I was so positively surprised by the outcome that I decided to go for it a second time. The dazzling details, incredible insights and radiant revelations (is there a special place in hell for the overuse of alliterations?) can be gleaned from a little video I made about it:


For those interested in doing something similar, here’s again a quick summary of the data:

Experiment #1: Bert Das Buch

6 by 9 inches, color, full bleed

78 pages

production & distribution: $10.52


Experiment #2: Mord Am Morgen

5.06 by 7.81 inches, black & white

80 pages

production & distribution: $3.59