Recently, I’ve been reading Howard Rheingold’s Net Smart, a brilliant book about 21st century online learning, networking and “crap detection”, in short: essential skills for our daily online life and business.

And there was one sentence that kept appearing and reappearing in my mind’s eye long after I put the book down.

the strongest predictor of whether someone will assist you online is whether you’ve aided others.

If there was a golden rule of doing business online, this would be it. I’ve written about it many times myself, but I’m still surprised every time I experience it.

It’s not just a catchy statement, it’s actually true!

Indirect Compensation

People immediate think: “Yeah, right. But altruism doesn’t pay my rent.” And it’s true, we all have self-interest, we all need to make ends meet.

But “aiding others” online doesn’t mean that you don’t get compensated, you just don’t get compensated directly.

I wouldn’t be writing this post right now if it weren’t for the help of all the people who’ve supported me in my online teaching business and publishing journey.

Why did people help me? It’s funny, because many times I’ve been helping someone online without expecting any direct gains, and then suddenly from a completely different direction someone else helped me.

Is there a law to it? Howard Rheingold has some ideas and data about it. To me, the main point is that it works.

Be generous, give of yourself without expecting anything. You’ll be surprised!

Online Teaching: The 21st Century Way Of Education

Two of the people who helped me* very recently with the 4th edition of my book “How To Teach Online Without Selling Your Soul” are Michael Gyori, who assisted with grammar, style and content, and Kirsten Winkler, who contributed a brilliant foreword.

Although I’ve never met either of them in person (he’s based in Hawaii, she in France and I’m in the Middle East) we collaborate frequently, because we share the same fascination with the online teaching business and education in general.

For those who are at the beginning (or middle) of building their online teaching business and feel the need for a gentle push or pointer into the right direction, I’m glad to tell you that the 4th edition of “How To Teach Online Without Selling Your Soul” is now up and running.

To kick things off, it’ll be available for the next 24 hours on Amazon for a special price of $2.99 instead of the usual $7.99, just follow the link to the Kindle store of your choice:

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Grab your copy now, and if you like it, tell your friends or leave a review. It means a lot to me.


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P.P.S.: Big thanks also to Sylvia Guinan, Glenn Weidner, Mo Riddiford, María Inés Brumana Metodología and many more, who contributed their comments, suggestions and encouragement along the way of this publication process.

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