manifestoWhat I Want

I want to learn.

I want to succeed.

I want to triumph.


I will be realistic about my goals, because to hurry is to slip.

I will remain positive, because negativity solves nothing.

I will rely on myself, because I am always here to help me.


I will read, because reading is the path to knowledge.

I will listen, because I will learn pronunciation and style.

I will speak, because by speaking, I will think about my words.

I will write, because by writing, I will think about my sentences.

What I Can Do

I can speak words, even if they must be softly, even if to myself; it is better than silence.

I can ask others for help, because unless I ask, I will never know if they can help me.

I can challenge myself, because that will help me expand my boundaries.

I can speak with others, because that will help me develop my confidence.

I can read about specific things I know of, because I can apply my knowledge.

I can learn the patterns of words, because that will help others understand me.


There is no failure; only steps towards success.

There is nothing impossible; only things I have not yet done.

There is nothing lost by trying my best.

I Will…

I will learn English.

I will succeed.

I will triumph.