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English: Precedented vs. Unprecedented

With Precedent? Without Precedent? “Precedent” A precedent is an action that is used as a later example, or standard, by which future actions may be judged. Therefore, the precedent precedes (comes before, comes prior to) the action the precedent is…

December 2, 2010, by

Learning English

How To Spectacularly Fail Your IELTS Written Test

Here are a few “words to the wise” for those who wish to take the IELTS. This advice applies specifically to the written test; less formal language is acceptable in the spoken test, but not for the written test, as…

March 23, 2010, by


IELTS Speaking Test: The Public Library Issue

I was looking into publicly available information about the types of questions on the speaking portion of the IELTS academic test, which is a test used by universities in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada to assess the English language…

March 14, 2010, by


Culture in “Language” Tests

By the way, culture being a key element of “language” Tests is not unique to IELTS whatsoever. One study question for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) in a Japanese-language study guide concerns what to say when a customer calls…

March 12, 2010, by

Learning English

Helping “With Your English” Vs. “With A Test”

As an English tutor, I like to present contrasts. By using “Vs.” (versus), I define a word or phrase not by what it is, but what it is not. This is often the easier and better method by far. In…

March 9, 2010, by