It was an interesting week. 5 days ago I finally released my latest ebook “Education Is A Cow That Anyone Can Milk” after integrating all the feedback readers of this blog have sent in.

Sylvia Guinan wondered why I released it for free. And this was my answer. Kirsten Winkler followed up with even more reason for giving away stuff for free!

All in all, I am very pleased with the outcome of this publication, which has become to be more a process than a product. (What I like about processes is that they are open-ended and conducive to constant change.)

I’ve been thinking how to get more people involved in this new way of thinking about publishing stuff online, and here’s how you can help.

The Chain Reaction Of ‘FREE’

What you see below is a little banner I created that shows how many people have downloaded the book, so far – and a link that leads to the free download.

How You Can Help

Simply copy and paste the above code to your homepage or blog. If your blog is on, it’s even easier. Just click the below button to add the banner to your widget area. Let’s see how far we can shoot this rocket!