For a long time in history, education was a meaningful privilege reserved for the wealthy.

The idea of free public education for everyone is comparatively young. It used to be a revolutionary idea.

But now it’s lagging behind, staggering, stumbling and falling flat on its face in the Information Age.

As pointed out by people left and right, our school system has turned into an Assembly Line approach: students are treated as goods going in and out of the “knowledge factory”.

Not only is this approach unpractical in times where information is widely accessible, it also isn’t compatible with the individual. In schools, students are treated “in batch”, according to age, regardless of their unique talents or differing abilities.

There are attempts to push one reform after the other.

But the education system is like a giant rusty colossus, slowly but inevitably stuttering to a halt.

As long as there is compulsory school attendance, wasting many years in classrooms remains a necessary evil.

But in the midst of all of this, an old idea is coming to the fore, again.

Individual Teachers for Individual Students

All the dukes, barons and other aristocrats did it.

It is the antithesis of public free education: It’s private and costly.

The student gets 100 % of the attention. The pace and style of the lesson is matched to the individual’s capacities.

But is it really only for royals and future presidents?

How expensive is it, really?

An Old Idea for New Times

Due to the global infrastructure of the Internet private tutoring is not just more affordable than ever before in history, also the variety you can choose from is growing at a breath-taking paces.

Side-note: There are many sites that claim to be the place to find teachers and tutors. But due to the de-centralized nature of the Net the places you can find good teachers are many and changing every day. So don’t just look in one place. Also, don’t settle for interactive exercises and games. Look for real people!

Depending on where a teacher comes from, prices per lessons can be very low or very high. Not all of them will be excellent of course. But neither does it mean that good quality has to cost an arm and a leg. Most teachers will offer you a free trial or consultation session of sorts so you don’t have to buy a pig in a poke.

But whatever you’ll pay in the end, this style of education is not free.

Stop Blaming The “System” And Take Responsibility

The assumption that education should be free is what brought on the deterioration of the school-system in the first place, which is constantly struggling with too many students and too little funding. It’s a nice idea but reality has shown that this well-fare approach is not sustainable, leading to crowded classrooms and stressed-out teachers.

Also, if the poor condition of our education system is not the government’s fault,  neither politicians nor parties will be able to fix it.

We should ask ourselves instead how highly we value education. Not just the education for a goal, the linear path towards a certificate in order to gain a job the but the learning process which refines a person.

It’s very old-fashioned to speak like this, right? Maybe you’re thinking: “Refinement? What is that supposed to mean, even? I go to school to get a good job. Period.” And this is exactly the problem.

Many people don’t think twice spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on gadgets, plasma-screens and cell-phone contracts.

But what price are we willing to pay for an excellent education tailored to our needs?

The problem is not that there is no alternative to education as we know it.

The real problem is an under-appreciation of learning.

And while the masses are complaining about “poor conditions”, more and more people are taking matters into their hands by looking for private teachers online for both themselves and their children.

It is a quiet transformation. A silent revolution.

Because genuine change doesn’t need to shout.

It comes naturally.

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