Practice Your English

Since I am doing this for free, I cannot grade anyone’s answers. Instead, I am conducting a thought experiment that will challenge your English comprehension. You do not need to think of this in terms of “marks” or “grades”; the goal is to improve, and feel good about it. That is all.

The Story

Perfect time to buy a home – but we’re too scared (CNN Money)

Read this story and form answers to the following questions. You do not need to write answers down, but I won’t stop you if you feel that will help you learn. – J

  • What is the overall subject and theme?
  • What idiomatic expressions do you understand?
  • What idioms do you not understand?
  • In your OPINION, did Tonya and Jason make the right decision to buy a home now?

When I ask you for an OPINION, there is no “right” or “wrong” answer. However, forming opinions is something expected of you if you are to participate in academic discussion. You might as well get accustomed to it.

Bonus Question

At the time I viewed the article, there was a clear error with one word. I believe this is a typo (typographical error), an accidental misuse of a word in this case. The word is properly spelled, but it is the wrong word, and a different word with identical pronunciation should have been used instead.

Identify this word.

The couple was living in Jason’s grandfather’s house, paying only taxes and other small expenses, so they were able to horde cash and built up a down payment of 20%.

If you can’t find it, don’t worry – even someone at CNN got it wrong!

I will be writing a follow-up article that will explain the theme of the article, give details about some of the expressions contained inside the article, and in general, help you understand the content.

Good luck! I hope this helps you concentrate and practice your English comprehension. – J