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How To Create Doodle Videos For Language Teaching

Did you know that Doodle Videos can be a great way to teach languages? We don’t learn a language only by reading, or only by listening. Learning a language is a multi-sensory process. Looking at a text or listening alone is…

September 19, 2013, by


How To Add a German-English Dictionary To Kindle on Your iPad or iPhone (iOS)

One of the great benefits of using ebooks for language learning is the ability to use custom dictionaries. Instead of having to search for each unknown word in a dictionary you can get instant translations while reading your book. If…

August 9, 2013, by

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3 Writing Tools You Aren’t Using Yet

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the course of the last 15 years of writing, then it’s probably the fact that writing is a craft like any other. Listening to one’s “muse” and getting inspired is all great, but ultimately,…

June 4, 2013, by

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The Easy Way To Sell Digital Downloads From Your Website

Have you ever considered selling digital products such as books, tutorials, videos, etc. from your own website? After all, blogging is hard work. Why just rely on advertising fees to support your writing when you can sell your own digital…

December 5, 2012, by

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How To Create Ebooks With Open Source Software: #4 The Cover

[PART #1] – [PART #2] – [PART #3] Welcome to the fourth part in our short series about creating ebooks with open source tools. (If you missed the last one, click here). Today I’d like to talk a bit about cover…

November 9, 2012, by


Learn German On Kindle With Free Books

Not long ago I wrote a post about how to use your Kindle to learn a foreign language. Since then I have been using it myself quite a lot, both to help me learn languages and create my own German teaching…

September 23, 2012, by

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How To Create Ebooks With Open Source Software: #3 Conversion & Preview

[PART #1] – [PART #2] – [PART #4] Welcome to the third and final part of our short ebook creation guide. After going on and on about the importance of styles, today I’ll finally show you how to get your…

September 19, 2012, by

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How To Create Ebooks With Open Source Software: #2 Structure & Flow

[PART #1] – [PART #3] – [PART #4] Welcome back to the second part of our little ebook making course. For those who missed it, here’s a  link to the first part: # 1 Manuscript Styles Some of you might wonder why we…

September 15, 2012, by

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How To Create Ebooks With Open Source Software: #1 Manuscript Styles

[PART #2] – [PART #3] – [PART #4] We live in a time where almost anyone on the planet can create, publish and sell books (or other media) without any insurmountable technical or financial preconditions. There are already many tutorials out there how…

September 12, 2012, by

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10 Steps To Your Online Teaching Website

We all see dozens of websites every day. There are many great ones and even more not so great ones. Especially when it comes to online teaching websites I found that many online teachers are needlessly complicating and cluttering their…

July 4, 2012, by

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How To Skype Better: 5 Tips For Professional and Daily Calls

Skype is not just a software. It’s a verb. As the Oxford Dictionary informs us, it can be used both with an object “When is a good time to Skype you?” and without as in “We skyped before we met in person.“ Skype…

January 13, 2012, by

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Tons Of Kindle Screensaver Fun And Creative Wallpaper Resources

Some of us have learned to love the screensaver images Amazon ships with their Kindle reading devices. Others quietly suffer the rotating  selection of dead poets and educational images of fishes and plants. And yet others simply ask: “What if…

January 11, 2012, by