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10 Steps To Your Online Teaching Website

We all see dozens of websites every day. There are many great ones and even more not so great ones. Especially when it comes to online teaching websites I found that many online teachers are needlessly complicating and cluttering their…

July 4, 2012, by

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3 Ways To Get More & Better Ideas

People sometimes ask me: “Where do you get all these ideas for your blog posts and books?” Do I climb the looming summits of some private Kilimanjaro of the mind, digging for gold with a pickaxe? Or do I descend into…

February 27, 2012, by

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How To Get Kindle Feed Subscriptions With Instapaper For Free

Ever since I got a Kindle, I read a lot more. And it turns out that it’s not just great for re-reading the old classics or long PDFs I never had the nerve to read on screen, it’s also a very…

January 24, 2012, by

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How To Skype Better: 5 Tips For Professional and Daily Calls

Skype is not just a software. It’s a verb. As the Oxford Dictionary informs us, it can be used both with an object “When is a good time to Skype you?” and without as in “We skyped before we met in person.“ Skype…

January 13, 2012, by

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Tons Of Kindle Screensaver Fun And Creative Wallpaper Resources

Some of us have learned to love the screensaver images Amazon ships with their Kindle reading devices. Others quietly suffer the rotating  selection of dead poets and educational images of fishes and plants. And yet others simply ask: “What if…

January 11, 2012, by

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SEO How To: Search Engine Optimization: 5 Simple Tips For Beginners

When I first heard the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) I had very mixed feelings. Optimizing my site so it shows up better when people search for it? Sure. But so much of what I read online seemed so, well…esoteric….

January 6, 2012, by

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Free Media Center Solutions For Sofa Browsing

About seven years ago I painted my television’s screen with thick bright colors to turn the distracting time-sucking device into a permanent artwork. My friends resorted to even more drastic measures such as cutting the power cord with scissors (turn…

January 2, 2012, by


Use Your Kindle To Learn A Foreign Language

Kindle devices and other e-readers are one of the most convenient and pleasant ways to consume digital text. Contrary to tablets, desktops and smartphones, the screens of e-readers like the Kindle enable you to read for hours without eye-strain, thanks…

December 27, 2011, by

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How To Dismantle Your Apartment in Less Than 6 Weeks

One year ago at this time, I did something noone prepared me for: I reduced everything that I own to the size of a suitcase. Why? My wife and I had decided to move to a foreign country which was…

December 18, 2011, by

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How To Optimize The Lesson Preparation Process In Online Teaching

Back in the days I prepared my lessons by jutting down timelines on paper and compiling stacks of copies to hand out during lessons. Nowadays, it’s a bit different. Or as the Thais say “Same Same, But Different.” When you’re…

December 12, 2011, by

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24 Shortcut Cheatsheets For Everything From iTunes To Photoshop

I’ve posted before about keyboard shortcuts for WordPress and Mac/Windows in general. Most popular programs have shortcuts to make your life easier and (hopefully) be more productive. Personally, I need to use a certain shortcut quite a few times before it…

December 5, 2011, by

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How To Get More Out Of Google

Infographics are infamous for often being more on the promotional than the informational side, but this one is actually useful. Think you know all the tricks for finding that perfect result on Google? Do you still use questions instead of…

November 23, 2011, by