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    On Power, Authority, and Egypt

    Analyzing the Revolts In a long analysis of the Egyptian unrest and the possibility of the overthrow of the Mubarak presidency, long-time left-of-center middle east observer Juan Cole wrote in “Egypt’s Class Conflict“: Why has the Egyptian state lost its…

    January 30, 2011, by


    Stretching The Human Psyche

    An Idea That Didn’t Come Easily It is not an exaggeration to say that I spent a large chunk of my life working towards what I am writing in this article. I knew there was something here, and I was…

    January 12, 2011, by


    Leadership, Business, and Animal Spirits

    The Spiritual Core As readers of this blog may be aware, I am a person who has thoroughly read and studied Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. I even wrote a book explaining the terse passages at some length, with…

    December 31, 2010, by


    BP Oil Spill: A Disaster of Leadership and Strategy

    A Failure In Leadership This article is based on a historically important article in the New York Times on the BP oil disaster. I will be referencing this article. Point of Failure #1 The article, which is important and should…

    December 26, 2010, by


    9th Innings, Closers, and Politics

    Baseball Idioms In Politics Here’s an excerpt from this article on a bill to boost health compensation to “first responders” (health workers, firefighters, police officers) who responded to the World Trade Center attacks and are believed to have suffered higher…

    December 22, 2010, by


    So-Called Canadian Culture

    A Contradiction In Terms The problem with trying to write an article about Canadian culture is rather simple. As a Canadian, I am well placed to be fully aware that most Canadians have renounced any concept of a Canadian culture….

    December 15, 2010, by