As many of you know, I’ve been working in private tutoring for many years to support my lifestyle of being a writer.  The more state budgets for schooling were cut, teachers got nervous breakdowns (it actually happens quite often!) and students were facing bad service in school, the more we had to do!


32237_1324513109895_1142882600_30811459_4021566_nFirst teachers don’t appear anymore, in some cases they are replaced by idealistic greenhorns fresh out of university, in other cases it just means that the subject will not be taught – but then – the next exam is scheduled. Students don’t know anything about the subject. Parents become frantic. And everybody is flocking to the doors of private tutoring institutions, signing up for contracts and agreeing to (sometimes very shady) conditions with only one aim in mind: to help the child!

Tutoring businesses are sprouting from the ground everywhere. The worse state education becomes, the better the business for those institutions. And the more people are using the net, we see more and more of those tutoring services being offered online as well.

Those are good times for private tutors and their companies. No doubt about it! And although I was making a very good living being an indispensible part of such an organization, I eventually had to quit my position to find better, more sustainable ways to support myself by helping others.

But why is Tutoring not enough?

First of all, I do understand a parent’s noble intentions to “do everything for the child”. But: Preparing children for tests and helping with homework might help initially, but this is an extremely short-sighted approach. Think of fixing a leaking bucket while constantly adding water from above.

State schools are not only broken, they are actively damaging future generations. And, no – it’s not the money that is lacking. The principle of a teacher broadcasting to a “class body” is an 18th century concept that needs to be replaced in a grand scale.

Asher Idan from Tel Aviv Open University whom I interviewed a few days ago is actually organizing parents right now to take their children out of school, to teach them at home in order to prevent further damage and desolation. (In Israel average class sizes are around 40 pupils per teacher! Situations vary from country to country, e.g. I’ve heard of cases where German families emigrated to the U.S. in order to avoid state persecution on the grounds of their decision to educate their children at home! But the general tenor is the same…)

So, again:

Tutoring may be helfpul in order to get somebody to  pass a test. But it will not help an old fashioned system to get up to date! Increased violence levels at schools should be a wake up call to everyone! It’s not our children who are a problem! It’s the surrounding we submit them to!

Also, keep in mind that tutoring is a huge business! For each time the education system fails, private tutoring companies are raking in their profits. To put it more pointedly:

Modern Tutoring corporations are the vultures circling over the carcass of a dead system.

In other words: They are the indicator that something has kicked the bucket.

Why we are different

At Learn Out Live we focus on private educational courses in languages and Media Literacy but not as a fix to something which is broken – quite on the contrary! We give you educational experiences that you can integrate into your life in a meaningful and lasting way. We guide you by following your lead!

Sure, if you feel there’s a need of fixing you up for this or that test, we’re always glad to help. But any organization or school that solely focuses on doing that can not be called educational, at least not according to our standards.

Thank you very much for reading.