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What Ambitious Parents Can Teach You About Freelancing

When I first started with Fluent Language Tuition, I had no idea where the whole experiment was going to go. I was so hesitant to consider this a real business that I tried to hide my name from the website,…

October 3, 2014, by

Online Teaching

3 Reasons Why Guerrilla Education Is The Way Of The Future

Let’s start with some nice and crunchy numbers: From 2009 to 2010 we saw a growth of one million students in online education in the US according to the Sloan Consortium Report. It is the biggest growth measured so far…

June 17, 2011, by

Online Business

How To Grow Your Online (Teaching) Business Without Becoming a Self-Promoter

Leaving the Sinking Ship I’ve heard many times from my colleagues that they feel society doesn’t give enough respect to their teaching efforts and that this is reflected in their salaries and in the way schools are organized. Classes are…

June 8, 2011, by


People are absolutely fascinating

Reut  Mark has a family & friends all over Israel & the world, and she loves seeing them often. She also loves visiting new places and networking. To be able to do all these she is working from home in various programs & ...

June 9, 2010, by


Figurative Meaning: Explanations & Examples

Literal vs. Figurative Meanings When discussing American English idioms, or expressions, or sayings, it is very important to understand the difference between the “literal” and “figurative” meanings of a word or phrase. “Literal” has the same root as “literary,”…

March 6, 2010, by