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Create Your Own Flashcards For Kindle

Flashcards are a time-tested tool of memorizing almost anything, from new vocabulary and technical terms to copious amounts of trivia facts. And nowadays we don’t even need to waste paper for creating them. There are many apps that allow you…

November 28, 2013, by

Hacks & Tutorials

How To Quickly Change Dictionaries on The New Kindle Paperwhite

UPDATE: Aparrently, the latest Paperwhite firmware (after 5.3.9) doesn’t offer this function anymore. UPDATE: I have a Kindle Paperwhite 2 here, running firware and it seems the feature is back! Find out how you can use the new Kindle Paperwhite to…

September 27, 2013, by

Language Learning

Boost Your Vocabulary with The New Kindle Paperwhite Feature

I’m usually not the first one to get all excited about a new version of some piece of hardware, but I’ve noticed a few features of the newly released Kindle Paperwhite which might be very helpful for language learners. Overall,…

September 10, 2013, by


How To Add a German-English Dictionary To Kindle on Your iPad or iPhone (iOS)

One of the great benefits of using ebooks for language learning is the ability to use custom dictionaries. Instead of having to search for each unknown word in a dictionary you can get instant translations while reading your book. If…

August 9, 2013, by


Learn German On Kindle With Free Books

Not long ago I wrote a post about how to use your Kindle to learn a foreign language. Since then I have been using it myself quite a lot, both to help me learn languages and create my own German teaching…

September 23, 2012, by

Indie Publishing

Ninety-Nine Cents For Your Thoughts

When I was 11 years old I lived in a small town. We spent most of our time outdoors, playing in the woods or riding around aimlessly with our bicycles. Another popular activity was to go deal-hunting in the two…

July 25, 2012, by


The Book Reading Revolution: Read More, Better, Anywhere!

Reading for Fun By the end of my stay at UCF, I was nearing burnout. I’d read so much and for so long that my mind was numb, and reading was the last thing I wanted to do. This lasted…

June 17, 2012, by

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How To Get Kindle Feed Subscriptions With Instapaper For Free

Ever since I got a Kindle, I read a lot more. And it turns out that it’s not just great for re-reading the old classics or long PDFs I never had the nerve to read on screen, it’s also a very…

January 24, 2012, by

Hacks & Tutorials

Tons Of Kindle Screensaver Fun And Creative Wallpaper Resources

Some of us have learned to love the screensaver images Amazon ships with their Kindle reading devices. Others quietly suffer the rotating  selection of dead poets and educational images of fishes and plants. And yet others simply ask: “What if…

January 11, 2012, by


Use Your Kindle To Learn A Foreign Language

Kindle devices and other e-readers are one of the most convenient and pleasant ways to consume digital text. Contrary to tablets, desktops and smartphones, the screens of e-readers like the Kindle enable you to read for hours without eye-strain, thanks…

December 27, 2011, by


Kindle: From Idea To Bestseller in 9 Days

It was 9 days ago that Eti Shani, Hebrew teacher and blogger came up with the idea to publish a little study-aid for learners of Biblical Hebrew on Kindle: A set of virtual flashcards that students can flip through by…

October 19, 2011, by


Ebooks Beyond Boundaries: How To Publish For People, Not Monopolies

The world of ebooks is booming. Sales are sky-rocketing. And everyone wants to get their hands on a shiny new reading gadget. But behind the hype and excitement geared towards consumers, in many ways the ebook market of today is…

October 15, 2011, by