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6 Things You Think Are Helping You Learn English… But Are Actually A Waste Of Time

Have you been struggling to learn English for a while and don’t know why you can’t take the next step? A lot of articles talk about things you should add to your learning plan, but you only have so much…

April 4, 2018, by

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You’re The Alien! How Learning A New Language Gives You A Radically Different Perspective on Life (If You Let It…)

When I lived in Bangkok for four years, I often found myself stuck in the sprawling megacity’s notoriously bad traffic, staring out at the bustling sidewalks, and there was a certain recurring sign that never failed to catch my attention….

December 1, 2015, by

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Bored? Uninspired? Learn A New Language And Be Happy All The Time

Everyone who has ever seriously tried to learn a new language knows that it is hard work. Perhaps the best proof for this simple fact is the onslaught of shady offers with promises like: “The Secret Method Nobody Wants You To Know!…

May 22, 2015, by

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Language Learning Is Not A Contest

Browsing through language learning related forums and blogs, I sometimes get the impression that language learning is a new sport. Learners boast with the number of tongues they have “mastered” and conversation topics circle around questions of “Faster, Higher, Stronger”…

March 4, 2013, by

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5 False Prophets In Language Teaching

Learning a language is a very personal endeavor. Each individual uses different ways to reach the same result: being able to communicate in a foreign language. But the road to success is paved with hardship and empty promises from “false…

January 29, 2013, by


Use Your Kindle To Learn A Foreign Language

Kindle devices and other e-readers are one of the most convenient and pleasant ways to consume digital text. Contrary to tablets, desktops and smartphones, the screens of e-readers like the Kindle enable you to read for hours without eye-strain, thanks…

December 27, 2011, by


Through Thick & Thin: Why Languages Are Like Friends

There are (at least) two kinds of language learners. One needs to learn a language in order to reach a certain goal. This goal may reach from getting a visa, writing an application to communicating to your spouse from “over-seas”….

August 28, 2010, by