If you’re following the newsletter you might have heard that now finally all 8 episodes of our Learn German With Stories series Dino lernt Deutsch are available as audiobook editions.

In other words, you can now read every episode from Café in Berlin to Zurück in Zürich as a paperback, PDF, ePub, iBooks, Kindle, etc. edition and listen to it at the same time.

And for those of you who don’t own any of the episodes yet or simply want to surprise one of your German-learning friends or colleagues with a cool gift we decided to create a bundle which contains the complete Dino lernt Deutsch series at a nice discount!

So, what’s in in exactly?

  • 8 fun & simple German short stories for beginners as ebook editions:
    • Café in Berlin + vocabulary, illustrations & exercises
    • Ferien in Frankfurt + vocabulary, illustrations & exercises
    • Karneval in Köln + vocabulary, illustrations & exercises
    • Momente in München + vocabulary, illustrations & exercises
    • Ahoi aus Hamburg + vocabulary, illustrations & exercises
    • Plötzlich in Palermo + vocabulary, illustrations & exercises
    • Walzer in Wien + vocabulary, illustrations & exercises
    • Zurück in Zürich + vocabulary, illustrations & exercises
  • Each ebook comes in three 3 editions so you can choose where and how you read it:
    • PDF (for greatest compatibility or printing out)
    • ePUB (great for iPads and other tablets)
    • MOBI (for reading in the Kindle app)
  • 8 accompanying audiobooks (MP3) with a total playing time of 9+ hours
  • BONUS: ANKI-flashcard sets (+Quizlet links) for studying vocabulary

Interested? You can get the whole bundle now for only $54.98 instead of the usual $63.84.

download now

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