Many people these days complain about not being able to find jobs and blame it on the economic crisis. Everyone would like to work in an advertising agency or design that next Mac super product. But there’s only so many advertising pen-monkeys and etch-a-sketchers the world needs.

Other dream jobs include: game-design, film and photography or working for a high-profile tech company like Facebook or Google.

What do all these job descriptions have in common except that everyone wants them?

They are about self expression, creativity and communication.

Everyone knows the “creative industry” is tough to get into, the competition is huge and the waiting lists are long. But what if the creative industry isn’t the only place to get that buzz of collaboration and changing the world to be a better place?

Going Social And Ditching The “Industry”

What makes Facebook so popular? They are a tech company that sells “social products”, meaning they come up with creative solutions for the way humans connect and communicate (at least that’s what they say). And, according to their huge success, the time is ripe for these kinds of approaches.

But social doesn’t just mean clicking “like” and joining virtual groups about bacon and peanut-butter-jelly. Facebook didn’t invent social. It just rides the wave. So can you, and anyone else…

What many people don’t realize is that one of the most social and creative fields out there is actually education. It’s not an industry: we’re talking about people here and how they learn, not about mechanical spare parts. But there’s a problem,or … let’s say misunderstanding.

Not many people want to work in public education these days, anymore. The payment is bad, students are nervous and the methods are the same like 100 years ago (yes, they still use blackboards in many countries: with chalk!)

This is what most people think of, at least, when they imagine becoming a “teacher”. But teaching comes in a million different forms.

And what they all have in common is finding creative ways to communicate knowledge and learning!

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