Hi! If you’re reading this, you probably downloaded one of our language learning books from the LearnOutLive book shop. Thanks for that! On this page, we’ve collected a couple of basic tips & some hacks for getting the most out of your learning and reading experience.

How To Start Reading

Our books come in three different formats (MOBI, EPUB, PDF), so you can enjoy them on whatever device, app or system you prefer. If you need help transferring the files to your device, take a look here:

How To Start Listening

If you’ve downloaded one of our audiobooks, simply extract the MP3 files from the ZIP archive and start listening on your computer, or …

How To Install Dictionaries

One of the great advantages of reading texts digitally is that you can get instant translations by just clicking or tapping on words, which is especially helpful for language learners. Here are a few articles from our blog to help you get started installing a dictionary:

More Tips & Tricks

Share Your Opinion & Contribute To The Next Edition

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