Have you ever been to a country where people speak a foreign language and tried to make sense of the strange sounds and signs around you? It’s actually a fun and effective way to learn a language. But we don’t always have the opportunity to do that.

This is why, today I’ve collected 10 totally strange and funny German signs for you to simulate that moment of wandering through a German-speaking environment and going “Wha…?”.

Ready? Let’s go!

1. What’s the angle?


*Schongewässer: waters in which fishing is prohibited


2. What’s being stored here?


*Zwischenlager: interim storage (facility)


3. Due to a “wild boar issue”, please …

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4. Parking at your own risk, …


5. What’s strictly forbidden in these hours?


6. “Don’t pee! …”, this sign says. Why not?

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7. In the port and beach area of Altefähr …


8. No trespassing!


9. But what are they “changing”* into?


*usually der Wechsel means: change/switch. Here it has a different meaning


10. Here you can find a … restroom*!


*that broadcasts mixed messages