The German language is (in)famously known for being very productive when it comes to inventing new words by simply stringing two or more existing ones together. For example, in German a vacuum cleaner is simply called “dust sucker” (Staubsauger), a kettle is a “water cooker” (Wasserkocher) and the place where our teeth are anchored is known as “tooth meat” (Zahnfleisch). Logical, isn’t it?

Also when it comes to the world of animals, German has a lot of funny combinations. A bat is a “fluttering mouse” (Fledermaus), a sloth is known as “lazy animal” (Faultier) and so on. Now you can check your own knowledge of funny German animal names with the following quiz.

Ready? Let’s get quizzical!

funny german animal "ink fish"

1. Got some ink?


funny german animal "washing bear"

2. It’s laundry time!


funny german animal "shield toad"

3. The Master of Self-Defense


funny german animal "sea cow"

4. Who’s roaming the underwater pastures?


funny german animal "threatening chicken"

5. Are you clucking at me?



funny german animal "flusspferd"

river by Friedrich Santana from the Noun Project

6. Masters of Currents


funny german animal "sea dog"

7. Fidos of the Seven Seas


funny german animal "little oak horn"

8. Here’s a difficult one



funny german animal "sea pig"

Pig by aLf from the Noun Project

9. Captain Oink


funny german animal "naked snail"

10. The Slitherer’s New Clothes



funny german animal "spiky pig"

Pig by aLf, Cactus by vicentnovoa from the Noun Project

11. Pretty Prickly