A few weeks ago we offered language bloggers and YouTubers around the world to choose any book from our library and we’d send it to them, free of charge.  Today, I was pleasantly surprised to see that German teacher Levi Antrim (perhaps better known as Herr Antrim) put together a little book video review for the “Café in Berlin” book for German learners we sent out to him.

Levi does a great job of helping German learners with creative videos full of imaginative puppeteering, singing and dancing, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before in high school or any old mind-numbing Deutsch class.

You can find Herr Antrim on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, on his school website and of course on YouTube. If you haven’t followed, liked or subscribed to Herr Antrim yet, do it now!

Café in Berlin Review for German Learners by Herr Antrim: “Really Easy to Read!”

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