Learning online is many times more powerful than conventional face-to-face interaction in three-dimensional reality.

With “powerful” I don’t mean “better in any case, situation or circumstances.” (for some people, it simply doesn’t work.)

Learning Online is not a magic bullet, nor is it for everyone!

Powerful, here is simply referring to the highly condensed and compressed nature of learning online.

Also, what I’m going to say relates to private one on one sessions only (it is thus doubly intensive!)

If you have never taken (or given) private language lessons online, I recommend trying it out.

Having said that…

Here’s what I experience:

  • Personality and appearance of student & teacher are less of an obstacle. -> More room for learning.
  • A time-slot of let’s say 45 minutes has the intensity of 90 minutes or more! -> Less time needed to excel!
  • Concentration is laser-like and unswerving. Upholding it is easier and almost effortless.
  • The learning experience has a deeper impact: The comfort of a student’s or teacher’s natural home environment is far more encouraging to let one’s “guard” down and enable communication to bypass psychological defenses and barriers that are normally and quite naturally active when running around in public schools or sitting in class.

When I first heard of “online learning” I was working in a school (yes – those things with blackboards, tables and chairs) and I knew that somehow it must be possible. I didn’t have an inkling of how to do it, nor whether I would like it or if it would be effective.

But, like always in those situations there was just one way to find out. Try and see!

I did. And liked it.

What are your experiences?