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Brains In The Cloud: The New Memory

If I think back to my primary school education, learning things by rote was a big thing: From multiplication tables to learning poems by heart, memorizing stuff seemed to be the name of the game. In high school it was…

July 17, 2011, by

Language Learning

Knowledge is Not Enough: An Invitation to Re-Consider Common Beliefs

The average amount of time people in the West spend on “education” is huge. (Not to mention the sums of money!) Having a degree is not considered something special, anymore. It has become the norm. (And its absence – a…

August 30, 2010, by


Instruction is a River Into the Mind

In Japanese, the kanji (Chinese character, the hieroglyph-ish stuff) for “instruction” combines two components. The first component is “words”: that which pours out of a mouth. This is the component, or “radical,” on the left. The second component is the…

May 29, 2010, by