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How To Skype Better: 5 Tips For Professional and Daily Calls

Skype is not just a software. It’s a verb. As the Oxford Dictionary informs us, it can be used both with an object “When is a good time to Skype you?” and without as in “We skyped before we met in person.“ Skype…

January 13, 2012, by

Online Teaching

How To Stand Out to Capture & Hold Students’ Attention

Capturing a person’s attention is hard to do in this day and age. Between TV, the Internet, advertisements, politics, world hunger, animal rights, general plight and even what to have for dinner, our attention is in a constant state of…

October 26, 2011, by

Online Teaching

Online (Cooking) Classes for The Masses? Here Comes The Google+ Cooking School

One of the most basic TV-formats that has been with us since the beginning and shows no signs of extinction is the televised cooking show. The first one in history aired in 1946, was hosted by James Beard but even…

August 11, 2011, by

Language Learning

Why Skype Is The Simplest Way To Get Started Teaching Online

“Online teacher leaves the confines of virtual classroom comfort zones to ‘brave’ it on the wild west of skype & world wide web.” Report from the field by Silversal…aka Sylvia Guinan. As an online teacher who has used virtual classrooms…

July 10, 2011, by


How Social Media Is Changing Education [INFOGRAPHIC]

In this infographic (source: Course Hero via edudemic) you can see some updates on the slow but inevitable integration of Social Media into traditional education. It is interesting to note that while many people are shown to have Twitter or Facebook accounts, the…

June 6, 2011, by

Online Teaching

The Top 3 Myths About Online Teaching

1. Online Teaching is impersonal In 2010 I wrote: “One of the most common responses I get when I tell people what I do (teaching & coaching online), is that they say they would miss the “real connection” to people around…

June 4, 2011, by


Online Education for Children via Skype

When I started teaching online, I was sceptical. I had been working many years in classrooms with blackboards, carrying books and scrawling remarks with red ink into the margins of exercise sheets. How could all that be possibly replaced by…

February 25, 2011, by


Learn Any Language via Skype

There are many ways to learn a language. And many ways to learn a language online. The technologies offered on elearning websites cover a wide range, from simple to sophisticated: Virtual classroom software, screen-sharing software, buttons for raising your hand…

October 18, 2010, by