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Will it Blend? Putting the Person Back in Personalized Online Learning Studies

For all the great advantages of online learning, there is one big downside, which is not necessarily the fault of online learning but of the way people relate to it: There exists a wide-spread deception that using tools can replace…

May 18, 2011, by


How Social Media Leads to “Social Crash”

We have seen the Financial Crisis. We got bailed out into a hypothetical state of stability. But how to bail out when social network relationships fail? Introduction The more our relationships of networking and nurturing are being outsourced to the…

April 5, 2011, by


Three Ways to Leave a Legacy in the Land of Online Learning

In my last post I talked about the fundamentals of becoming an online teacher without supporting huge investor-fueled teaching platforms or business practices you don’t agree with, don’t understand or simply don’t care about. Today I want to talk further…

March 23, 2011, by


A Day in the Life of a Wireless Teacher

It’s winter. The sun is shining. Not where I come from. But in that other post-geographic place. Currently this means the eastern shoreline of the Mediterranean for me. But it could be any other place. Here, in this place between…

February 6, 2011, by


When Distraction is the Norm

Yesterday I read about a little program called Freedom that forces you to disconnect from the Internet. You set a timer to the desired amount of “offline time” and then you’re unable to connect until the timer runs out or…

January 11, 2011, by

Learning English

English: Public Relations (PR)

A Common Media Term Public Relations, referred to as PR for short (not “per,” but P (pause) R), is the interaction between an organization (such as a government agency, a corporation, a school board, a church, etc.) and the public….

December 1, 2010, by

Learning English

English: Tapping People

Not A Physical Tap Obama Taps Geithner, Lew to Help Resolve Tax Cut Debate In this context, to tap (someone) does not mean physically tapping them. Historically, tapping someone on the shoulder is an action done to select someone or…

December 1, 2010, by

Learning English

English: Engaging Your Opponents

Ripped From The Headlines President Obama has been accused of “not engaging with his opponents” in his efforts to pass the new START treaty (STrategic Arms Reduction Treaty) with Russia through the United States Senate. Whether this is true or…

December 1, 2010, by

Online Teaching

The Highly Concentrated Essence of (Online) Learning

Learning online is many times more powerful than conventional face-to-face interaction in three-dimensional reality. With “powerful” I don’t mean “better in any case, situation or circumstances.” (for some people, it simply doesn’t work.) Learning Online is not a magic bullet,…

September 21, 2010, by


Learning Japanese: EJU, JLPT, levels and strategies [PODCAST]

Jeremiah Bourque, head of our English department, and founder of the Japanese department (coming soon…) talks about standardized tests, learning strategies and his special method of teaching. [audio:|autostart=no]

January 25, 2010, by