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What Makes Studying So Difficult?

To many of us, learning something new, from programming a webpage or speaking a new language is a chore. Yes, there are these little sparks of achievement. But more often than not, the process of learning is a strenuous path…

August 6, 2012, by

Language Learning

The Digital Age of Education

As a technology consultant, I rely on several tech sources to stay informed about global industry trends. Naturally, I’m not the only one to notice how efficient, green and just plain fun tech has made education. With all the advances in instructional…

May 23, 2012, by

Language Learning

The Cure to Culture Shock: Eat Local!

Learning a language through an online classroom is the first step in beginning to understand and appreciate another culture. But in order to truly appreciate the lifestyle and traditions of another people, people must get up and go to that…

April 10, 2012, by

Language Learning

5 Quick Ways To Bring Languages To Life

Most of the fun of learning a language is the hope that you’ll one day be able to use it to communicate in another country. Having a goal in mind when learning makes the work seem more meaningful and more…

January 9, 2012, by

Language Learning

4 Tips To Learn The Language of Love

Teaching and learning a language is a difficult, but exciting undertaking. Whether you’re a student or a teacher, there are certain aspects of the journey that will be fun, and some that won’t be so great. This principle rings even…

December 1, 2011, by

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3 Teaching Skills For The 21st Century

There are many skills the educator of the future is going to need. Notably, these include technical skills such as building and maintaining a webpage, using VoiP technology, Social Media, etc. But this is only the beginning! Being technology-savvy, as…

September 8, 2011, by

Online Teaching

The Impossible Crusade of Education Technology Against The Human Spirit

A few days ago, I re-watched the classic 1965 movie “The Slender Thread” in which a woman played by Anne Bancroft tries to commit suicide and then calls a crisis center hot-line where everyone is furiously trying to pin-point her…

September 7, 2011, by

Online Teaching

How To Quit The Education Factory And Leave For The Green Fields Of Learning

Divided Attention Yesterday I had a talk with a 12 year old. He told me he’d been learning Arabic for 5 years, 5 days a week but couldn’t put together even one sentence. I was curious why. Was it so difficult?…

September 3, 2011, by

Online Teaching

Why Schools Shouldn’t Be The Only Answer To The Need For Social Skills

There are many arguments for online communication. There’s no need to advertise it. From email through chatting to VoIP like Skype: We all do it. But there are growing concerns that these activities are increasingly unsocial: That chatting is a cheap substitute…

August 1, 2011, by


84th Spelling Bee Won By 14 year old Indian-American: What does it Mean?

Sukanya Roy spelled the word “cymotrichous” (= having wavy hair) correctly and won the 84th Scripps National Spelling Bee Contest. She will take home more than $40,000 dollars in prices and cash. According to ABC, Sukanya Roy is the “fourth consecutive Indian-American…

June 3, 2011, by

Language Learning

Will it Blend? Putting the Person Back in Personalized Online Learning Studies

For all the great advantages of online learning, there is one big downside, which is not necessarily the fault of online learning but of the way people relate to it: There exists a wide-spread deception that using tools can replace…

May 18, 2011, by


Here’s Why Online Relationships are Mostly Misunderstood

Recently, I read an article called “The Social Media Bubble” by Umair Haque, Director of the Havas Media Lab on the Harvard Business Review Blog. Its hypothesis: The Net doesn’t increase connectivity and social change. In fact, it leans towards degeneration:…

March 25, 2011, by