Like much else in the 21st Century, learning has taken to the Internet. For both teachers and students, education is becoming much more technologically focused.

And, even more prominent: the mobile revolution. Not only are we doing everything on the Internet now, but we also want to do it on the go with smartphones and tablets. The world of iPhone application development has an amazing growth rate and doesn’t show any signs of slowing when it comes to education apps.

But finding the right apps to suit your online teaching or learning needs could be the difference between academic success or failure in the 21st century. Here are some great teaching apps that can chart you on a course of success:


Learning a foreign language online without the aid of hearing the language spoken in a classroom or used in discussion with classmates can be hard. Speaking and listening to a language are just as important as being able to write it correctly.

AudioBoo is a free app that lets you record and share audio with friends, classmates or teachers. You can create up to five minutes of audio and post it to your AudioBoo account or to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. This is a really great way to get online language students involved in speaking and listening to a foreign language, all while gaining useful interaction with classmates. The app can be used by both teachers and students for assignments, messages and feedback.


Response is an important part of the learning process. Teachers can create polls during a lesson to gauge their students’ thoughts and interaction and then receive real-time results. The app is available at a low cost and requires only a wireless Internet connection and students with devices to access the online poll. The polls can go out to at least 64 students and the platform allows teachers to create questions and even add pictures before sending it out. Students with iPhones can participate right from their phones, but the polls are accessible from any internet-enabled device.

Polls could add an interesting spin to online discussions, forum topics and class assignments. Classroom interaction can sometimes be hard to come by for online students, and polls or surveys are a great way to get classmates chatting.

Sentence Spin

Learning apps can also be great for younger students. As kids continue to use computers more, they can easily operate computers and learn to use them for educational purposes with no difficulty.

Kids learn quickly and applications like Sentence Spin encourage two types of learning at once: grammatical and technological. The application challenges students to construct sentences, understand basic sentence elements, illustrate their understanding, create animations and then share their creations with teachers and classmates.

Students learn the basics of grammar, writing and how to communicate with their writing, all while becoming computer savvy.

Book Glutton

Designed specifically for laptops, tablets and smartphones, Book Glutton combines the experience of a literature discussion, a book club and the World Wide Web.

One of the best parts of literature is the discussion, and that can be a difficult aspect of online learning. With Book Glutton, students can read, annotate and discuss a text, all from online. Students and teachers alike can enjoy the ease of a literature discussion in an e-classroom.

Brain Honey

BrainHoney is a free app, primarily for teachers, that allows you to easily create an online curriculum, develop a syllabus, engage in lesson planning and manage your grade book online. The application also gives teachers the opportunity to interact with parents and students.

Learning Made Convenient

While the phrase ‘learning made easy’ can be controversial, most people can agree that learning could also be more convenient and accessible. The world of online education opens avenues for everyone to have a valuable classroom experience.

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