UPDATE: the book is out, you can get it here.

Hello, everyone. This will be a short one. I’ve spoken about it a few times. Now it’s final: My new ebook about Online Teaching, a collection of essays for aspiring online teachers, instructors, coaches or anyone interested in making a living from anywhere in the world through online teaching will be launched on May, 23th, 2011. That’s about two weeks from now.

Within one week from now, I’ll be doing an exclusive pre-release for subscribers of this blog only. As a way of saying thanks, the book will be available for half the price and I’ll give subscribers a chance to incorporate feedback before the final launch. It’s something that I’ve never done before. But I like the idea to let readers participate. After all, we’re living in times where it’s easier than ever before to do something like this. So let’s give it a shot and see if  we can make the end result even better by working together, shall we?

If you want to participate in the pre-release but haven’t yet subscribed, yet please do so now. It only takes a few seconds and you can cancel anytime. You can subscribe either via e-mail or RSS.

That’s it for now. Thanks.

Have a nice week,