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How to Create Your Own Mission Statement as an Online Teacher

If you are already reading this article or felt a tingle of recognition or awareness upon spotting the blog title, then you already know that teaching is not a job, it’s a mission. You’ll be doing it every day for…

September 17, 2015, by

Guest Posts

Ten-Year-Old Girl Publishes on Amazon

A mother’s story. I’m honoured to have been invited by André Klein to share my daughter’s book publishing story on LearnOutLive. It’s a story about joy in learning, love of books, and a little girl’s passionate business idea. It all…

December 15, 2013, by

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How To Build Up A Thriving Personal Learning Network In 2013

1) Don’t even try The reason I say this is because I think that network building is natural, especially on the internet. You don’t have to pluck up the courage to make important phone calls, force yourself to join elitist…

January 9, 2013, by

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Why Skype Is The Simplest Way To Get Started Teaching Online

“Online teacher leaves the confines of virtual classroom comfort zones to ‘brave’ it on the wild west of skype & world wide web.” Report from the field by Silversal…aka Sylvia Guinan. As an online teacher who has used virtual classrooms…

July 10, 2011, by