DSCN0468It’s winter. The sun is shining.

Not where I come from. But in that other post-geographic place.

Currently this means the eastern shoreline of the Mediterranean for me.

But it could be any other place.

Here, in this place between continents I get up and go to sleep.

Breaking down grammar codes into digestible bits of information. Taming tangled sentence structures to be put on display in my classroom, which is nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

Sometimes we meet in the liminal membrane between days. Where it is both Sunday and Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, at the same time.

The distance between continents reduced to a click.

– through deep sea cables and satellite up-links.

What can I say? I love it.

In this space, I’m working on a new book, companion to my recent book, soon available as a free download. The subject: The implications of this space for our every day life. In particular: social interaction, distraction and innovation in the age of Social Media.

Release-date still uncertain. But I’ll keep you posted.

Until then, my blogging capacities are somewhat limited.

Yet, there’s always time for a status-update.

Catch you later!