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    3 Ways to Use Smartphones To Learn Foreign Languages By Reading Books

    There are many ways in which smartphones have come to encroach on our ability to enjoy some quiet time with a good book or even replaced the pulp in our life all together. The sense of immediate gratification — or…

    July 25, 2014, by

    Indie Publishing

    All You Can’t Read: The Problem With Ebook Subscription Models

    The latest leak (update: the service is now officially live for US customers) of the Kindle Unlimited subscription service comes as no big surprise. For a fixed price of $9.99 per month readers can get as many books as they…

    July 18, 2014, by


    Add a German-English Dictionary To Your Android Kindle App

    After writing a tutorial on how to enable a German-English dictionary on the Kindle app for iPad and iPhone, today I’d like to share with you how to enable the same functionality on your Android Kindle app. The process is…

    July 7, 2014, by


    Movies for Your Ears, and other Podcasts

    Last week, I met a lot of amazing people and learned many new things. I sat down with the German that landed a Cessna on Moscow’s Red Square in the Cold War, listened to the Choirboy Robber’s exploits, and found…

    June 29, 2014, by


    10 Tumblr Blogs For German Learners

    After giving you a quick list of great Twitter feeds for German learners, let’s have a look today how you can boost your German-Fu while traversing the Tumblrverse. Whether you’d like to discover more German songs, learn new words with shiny photos or…

    June 19, 2014, by


    A Free German Pronunciation Guide Booklet and Audio Lessons

    The process of learning a new language has many moving parts, whether it’s slippery sentence structures, esoteric conjugation rules (and exceptions!) or just simply too many sounds that knot your throat and twist your tongue. Different Pronunciation Approaches For Different…

    June 10, 2014, by