It’s not easy being an independent publisher. If you don’t have mountains of cash to fork out so that other people will do the formatting, cover design, price setting, etc. for you it’s all in your hands, which can become quite a lot of work.

Also, by making one mistake after the other you learn. The fun part comes when you’ve made enough mistakes to actually get things right and help others do the same. This is the story of (yet another) collaborative epublication:

From Blog To Book

Eti Shani started writing her Hebrew blog as a hobby about one year ago. In the beginning the idea was to write about Hebrew language and grammar etc. but it quickly developed away from that to something else, entirely. So, instead of going into the differences between Aleph and Ayn, Tav and Tet, Eti took a deep dive into the culture of Hebrew storytelling and came up with one narrative pearl after the other, translating medieval texts and ancient Rashi and Aramaic to simple English.

Some of these stories were simply too good to be forgotten somewhere in a blog archive, so I suggested to take these literary gems, polish them and make a little book out of it.

During this process, I became more and more involved in editing, proofreading and the writing process itself. As I began to understood the inner logic of these ancient stories, I proposed to extend certain parts of the stories, stylize descriptions, turn reported into direct speech, etc., to make it more understandable for contemporary readers.

When the core text was done, we went through the layout, fine-tuned letters and paragraphs and inserted a few images to top it off.

This whole process from the first story to the final publication took about 13 months. (And as is the nature of such projects, it will continue to grow and be updated over time)

The book is called: Jewish Legends, Lore & Lullabies From The Treasure Trove Of Hebrew Tales  and the final result is nothing to sneeze at. (Probably, I’m biased but I believe it’s one of the most interesting epublications we’ve published so far.)

Like other recent projects, this publication is available as an Indie-Publishing Pack which basically means you get three versions (PDF, MOBI, EPUB) for the price of one, and it can also be downloaded straight from the Amazon Kindle Store.

Click here to find out more about this book >>>

I also asked Eti to read out loud one the stories and put it on YouTube so that those who have never heard a Jewish story before can get a feeling for it. Here it is.

P.S.: If you need help with your publications, feel free to contact me and we’ll see what can be done. I’m planning to open some kind of platform for this in the future, but you can always leave a comment here on this blog or write me on Twitter until then.