The weather is beautiful. People are walking the city, sitting in cafes, having barbecues in the park. It is a typical Sunday. For most of us, tomorrow will be Monday, (or maybe it already is in your timezone)

Monday, for most of us means: work.

I just stumbled over a Wikipedia entry that says: “Monday is the most popular day to commit suicide,[3] call in sick,[4] and surf the web[5] in the Netherlands.”

I am not sure what I should think of this, but I do know one thing. When I used to work in a private school, Monday – meant the end of the weekend. I may have had many ideas, but anything I didn’t get done, it had to wait until the next weekend.

There were always more songs I wanted to listen to, more novels to read, places to visit, music to make, friends to meet… But there stood the unshakable fact of Monday: The rude awakening into a world of correcting spelling mistakes and hairsplitting grammatical terms in a classroom filled with youngsters who were wondering as well: “Where the hell the weekend went?”

So, seriously:  Where do all those Weekends go, with all their ideas, inspirations, and .. well – hope ?

One thing is for sure. They are not lost.

Once I stopped working and commuting to my school and shifting all my experience and excitement about learning languages to teaching online – this has freed up immense amounts of time! “Time is Money” they say. And it’s true. In English we even speak about spending both dollars and hours. Like Money, Time is not some kind of cure-it all, but your mind just works differently when you’re not “punching the clock” at the rhythm of some outrageously stupid schedule of meetings, agendas and whatnot.

Here’s what I did, now that I had successfully eliminated the idea of “Monday”, which basically is just a lame excuse:

The last few weeks, when I was not teaching – I was writing the second edition of my recent book “A Mindful Guide to Online Living”, recording an audio version, cutting, editing and working hard to give you a completely upgraded and polished Version 2.0.

sunflower sutraWe have to keep in mind that we live in a developing universe.

I’m not a fan of “setting the Truth in stone”. The Internet allows me to keep my writing “up to date” by adding information and experience whenever there is a need. I love books in any way, shape or form, but try updating a word in 3 million paper copies strewn all around the planet.



Here it is – the completely upgraded ebook and audio book version of “A Mindful Guide to Online Living – Ditch 9-5, Declutter your Life and Create Sustainable Value”

I’ve added a lot of extra information and free previews here:

This book is a 100 % independent publication. Every cent will help support more projects like this and also make you eligible for unlimited and free future upgrades

So, whether you like to listen to ideas on your iPod or read from an eBook reader, V2.0 has it all.

For now – I wish you a prosperous week – whether you’re still “punching the clock” or already walk free.

Thank you for reading.

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