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If you are already familiar with what Media Literacy might mean or even formed your own definition of this mind-boggling new concept, you may have heard about or even experienced the “copyright confusion” yourself. Or maybe you just like to create video clips or music and have wondered many times: “Is it allowed to use such-and-such material in my work?”

In a world where a lot of information is freely available people are more insecure than ever as to what materials they are allowed to use in their own creative projects and what might get them into serious trouble.

The following video contains an introduction to the topic, featuring perspectives from both students & teachers and shows that a lot of creativity is being held back by a “climate of fear“. Actually the copyright situation isn’t as bad as most of us think. As an example, the video explains the concept of fair use and summarizes it in quite a nice way:

“Legally quoting or copying somebody else’s words, images and music without paying or asking permission as long as it benefits society more than it hurts the copyright holder.”

The bendable nature of such a sentence is obvious, but on the other hand fair use is just one example of how the copyright situation is actually more friendly than most people think. So, if terms like “fair use”, “Creative Commons” or “Public Domain” are completely new to you, it’s high time to get informed and reclaim your creative power! If you have any questions we are here to help. 🙂