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How To Create A Custom WordPress Theme In 7 Minutes Without Any Code

Anyone who has ever set up a WordPress site knows the challenge of finding the right theme. There are basically three options: 1. Go theme-hunting on Google. Wade through endless galleries of (mediocre or worse) themes until your eyes hurt…

September 17, 2011, by


18 WordPress Shortcuts That Will Help You To Write More And Click Less

Have you ever looked over the shoulder of a photoshop-wiz? The best of them never even touch the upper menu with their mouse cursor but accomplish everything with esoteric short-cut functions that (sometimes) include intricate finger-ballet and often look like…

September 14, 2011, by


Three Quick Ways To Turn WordPress Into An Awesome Website Builder

In my recent book “How To Blog: Build An Audience, Boost Your Traffic and Kick-Start Your Business Without Selling Your Soul” I talk a lot about why WordPress is one of the best solutions for running your own professional blog….

September 5, 2011, by