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Announcing: Learn Out Live Essays!

Topic #1: Are Cell Phones Good For Society?

July 16, 2010, by

Learning English

ESL: 4 Problems With Reading English News Articles

To make a long story a little shorter, there are major challenges in accurately reading a Western news media produced English news story: 1. Well-Hidden Slant, Bias, and Agenda. Now, an experienced native speaker accustomed to political arguments may say…

May 19, 2010, by


Culture in “Language” Tests

By the way, culture being a key element of “language” Tests is not unique to IELTS whatsoever. One study question for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) in a Japanese-language study guide concerns what to say when a customer calls…

March 12, 2010, by


Learning Japanese: EJU, JLPT, levels and strategies [PODCAST]

Jeremiah Bourque, head of our English department, and founder of the Japanese department (coming soon…) talks about standardized tests, learning strategies and his special method of teaching. [audio:|autostart=no]

January 25, 2010, by