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LOL Essays: Topic #1, Submission #1

The first submission to topic #1 (are cell phones good for society?) and Jeremiah Bourque’s constructive criticism.

July 19, 2010, by

Learning English

How To Spectacularly Fail Your IELTS Written Test

Here are a few “words to the wise” for those who wish to take the IELTS. This advice applies specifically to the written test; less formal language is acceptable in the spoken test, but not for the written test, as…

March 23, 2010, by

Learning English

Helping “With Your English” Vs. “With A Test”

As an English tutor, I like to present contrasts. By using “Vs.” (versus), I define a word or phrase not by what it is, but what it is not. This is often the easier and better method by far. In…

March 9, 2010, by


The Evil Of Testing Is A Straw Man

If there is one theme I find myself seeing over and over again, it is that standardized tests are evil. Time and time again, I am reading claims that testing is ruining education and preventing teachers from doing their jobs….

February 12, 2010, by


Online Learning Styles

We’ve all heard that there are different learning styles or types. Most commonly those are referred to as visual, auditory and tactile-kinesthetic. Today we found a website where you can actually check for yourself which learner you are and what…

January 5, 2010, by