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Education Is Ripe For Disruption Education is changing worldwide. Technology has had its toll on the way we learn and teach. Policy-makers often fail to live up to their promises,but besides state-run schools and universities many new varieties of learning…

September 10, 2012, by

Language Learning

5 Quick Ways To Bring Languages To Life

Most of the fun of learning a language is the hope that you’ll one day be able to use it to communicate in another country. Having a goal in mind when learning makes the work seem more meaningful and more…

January 9, 2012, by

Language Learning

3 Teaching Ideas For That Last Lesson Before The Holidays

Whether you’re planning to cover a few last minute lessons before finals this semester or planning for next year, including an international holiday study into your curriculum is fun, educational and useful. While the entire semester is filled with lessons…

December 22, 2011, by


Education Is A Cow That Anyone Can Milk

There’s the word: education. And then there’s the actual work of education. But all of too often the twain never meet. Is is unfortunate that while the actual learning conditions in many countries could be a lot better, often the…

September 13, 2011, by

Online Teaching

3 Teaching Skills For The 21st Century

There are many skills the educator of the future is going to need. Notably, these include technical skills such as building and maintaining a webpage, using VoiP technology, Social Media, etc. But this is only the beginning! Being technology-savvy, as…

September 8, 2011, by

Online Teaching

The Impossible Crusade of Education Technology Against The Human Spirit

A few days ago, I re-watched the classic 1965 movie “The Slender Thread” in which a woman played by Anne Bancroft tries to commit suicide and then calls a crisis center hot-line where everyone is furiously trying to pin-point her…

September 7, 2011, by

Online Teaching

How To Quit The Education Factory And Leave For The Green Fields Of Learning

Divided Attention Yesterday I had a talk with a 12 year old. He told me he’d been learning Arabic for 5 years, 5 days a week but couldn’t put together even one sentence. I was curious why. Was it so difficult?…

September 3, 2011, by


The Myth Of The Super-Teacher & Why Money Alone Won’t Transform Education

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s … the super-teacher who isn’t thrown off track by the most snot-nosed interruptions from the last row. It’s the intrepid educator who never loses his temper and will not rest…

August 23, 2011, by

Online Teaching

Why You Don’t Need Anyone’s Permission To Become An Excellent Teacher

When I first thought about teaching online I had no clue. There was the idea, alright. But not an inkling of doability. So, for lack of better alternatives I started sending out applications. In the meantime I continued my daily…

August 15, 2011, by


Three Ways to Leave a Legacy in the Land of Online Learning

In my last post I talked about the fundamentals of becoming an online teacher without supporting huge investor-fueled teaching platforms or business practices you don’t agree with, don’t understand or simply don’t care about. Today I want to talk further…

March 23, 2011, by


A Day in the Life of a Wireless Teacher

It’s winter. The sun is shining. Not where I come from. But in that other post-geographic place. Currently this means the eastern shoreline of the Mediterranean for me. But it could be any other place. Here, in this place between…

February 6, 2011, by


Trust, Toys and Technophobia in Online Learning

Talking to colleagues and friends I found out that online learning is still far from becoming part of the everyday educational landscape in many countries. To understand this we need to take a step back and look at the general…

January 20, 2011, by